My interest in art or being an artist started as a 6 or 7 year old in the 1950's when I got hooked on " Learn To Draw", a program on the basics of drawing taught by Jon Gnagy, the first PBS television artist. I still recall a lesson on perspective where he used railroad tracks vanishing into the horizon.  He stressed the importance of observing  how each object affects the surrounding space.

     I was fortunate to grow up in Barrington RI, a town with a school system that placed a high value on the arts. My first artistic recognition came when I received a "Gold Key National Scholastic Award" for high school students sponsored by the American Red Cross.

      Not sure of the steps to becoming an artist,  I headed  to Northwood Institute where I majored in daydreaming with a minor in graphics and advertising.  My daydreaming was interrupted when I received a personal letter from " The Desk of the President , Richard M. Nixon " with an offer of two years employment and great benefits.   I am grateful that the armed services valued my artistic abilities over my soldiering skills as I ended up the company cartoonist  and painting  " No Smoking " signs in English and German. One benefit of this time in the army was the chance to visit some of the finest art museums in Europe  which only heightened my desire to be involved in the arts.

       My first venture into fine arts came in 1974 when I entered a local juried art exhibit winning $25.00 for third place and selling two paintings for a total of $75.00.....what more could a young artist need?   Thankfully I kept my day job as a graphic artist while continuing to develop my skills as a self taught artist working to build a following for my paintings.

        Faced with the changes in commercial art with more focus on computer graphics , I decided in 1987 to devote  full time to my artwork.   Thanks to thousands of private and commercial collectors, here and abroad I've been able to continue on this path with a successful career as an artist. 

    Little did I know that those early  "Learn to Draw" programs demonstrating the importance of observation and the understanding of drawing principles would be my most important lessons.   Instead of "majoring in daydreaming", perhaps imagination is the more appropriate term to describe the large amount of time I spend in the creative process of my next  painting.    



       The settings of my paintings are purely fictional but highly reflective of the people, places and interests that have influenced my life. I paint in two different mediums depending on the particular mood desired for each composition. Egg tempera for the wonderfully rich color values the natural pigments afford me and watercolor when a lighter feel is looked for.

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